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Actor & Dancer 


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Alexia Navarro (they/them) is a queer dancer, actor, writer, and musician with a passion for telling the stories they needed to hear as a child. Born and raised in Las Vegas, NV, they grew up with the entertainment capital of the world in their backyard. The best stories they experienced, however, were from their parents: Alexia's father told them and their younger brother original stories on the way to school while their mom, a Mexican immigrant, learned English alongside Alexia by reading books together at bedtime.

Now a graduate of the NYU Tisch Drama School in the Atlantic Studio with a degree in drama and a minor in Educational Theater, Alexia hopes to continue exploring the love of stories instilled in them by their parents both on stage as an actor, and off stage, as a teacher nurturing the next generation of story-tellers. 

In their free time, Alexia likes to read queer literature, care for their cats Zephie and Gigolo, bake for their partner, and play the same three songs on guitar. 

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